Break Options


Break Options are found in the product page for items under tagged under "Live Break".

break options sample

Selecting a Break Option before purchasing break products informs us of what you would like to keep from your break.


  • Certain Break Options qualify for free shipping. You can view our free shipping tiers here

  • Certain Break Options may award bonus LP, the reward currency used on our website for redeeming discounts or other items

Different Break Options

Option 1: No bulk. No holos. Higher rarity only

This break option awards 3 bonus LP per pack

For Pokemon

  • Japanese Ver: Buyer only keeps cards that are designated V, GX, VMAX, VSTAR, SR, HR and UR
  • English Ver: Buyer only keeps cards that are designated Rare Holos (black star symbol), UR (white star symbol) or SR (e.g. rainbow holofoil)

For Weiss Schwarz

  • Buyer only keeps cards that are designated RR, SR, RRR, OFR, SP and SSP

For Dragonball

  • Japanese Ver: Buyer only keeps cards designated SR, CP, UR, SEC or with a RED or GOLD title
  • English Ver: Buyer only keeps cards designated 2-Star (Promo), 6-Star (UR), 7-Star (Premium/Uber Rare)

For Cardfight!! Vanguard

  • Buyer only keeps cards designated RR, RRR, SP, SSR and title specific Rares (SKR for Shaman King for example)

Option 2: No bulk. Rare holos or better only

  • Everything in Option 1 plus any holos designated Rare (R)
  • Common (C) and Uncommon (UC) or any equivalent below Rare (R) are not included even if they are holo

Option 3: Everything

All cards are kept including Common (C) and Uncommon (UC) or their equivalent

Option 4: Master Set

This option requires a separate purchase of a 9-pocket binder. You can purchase it here.

By choosing this option, we will assist you in managing the completion of a master set for a specific set. In the binder -

  • Base cards (C and UC) will have 1 copy i
  • Holos and better (R, RR, PR, S, RRR, CHR, CSR, SR, SSR, UR) will have up to 2 copies
  • Excess base cards will be discarded into the bulk pile
  • Excess holos and better will be packed as a regular break and included in the package

A shipping top up may be required once you opt to ship break orders.