Dealer's Choice - Weiss Choice PLUS

Dealer's Choice - Weiss Choice PLUS

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This is a Battle League product.


Full set of PVP information can be found here.

No limit on number of spots per purchase. Fight for as many boxes as your heart desires.

Dealer's Choice PVP Rules

  1. This is a 2-player game mode
  2. Dealer picks the set to use for battle
  3. Each player gets 10 packs to battle
  4. Losing player gets all hits* from both player packs. Bulk will be discarded to bulk pile by default.
  5. Winning player picks TWO Weiss Schwarz booster box from available shop titles. It can be ship sealed or opened live.

*hits are holos or better

This is for Twitch breaks only. It will be opened live.

By purchasing packs on this site exclusive for Twitch breaks, you agree to have the packs opened live on


  • +600 LP on claim Pikachu VMAX (Rainbow, Amazing Volt Tackle)
  • +2500 LP on claim alternate Rayquaza VMAX (Blue Sky Stream)

Weiss Schwarz

  • +600 LP if winner pulls an SP from winning box
  • +1200 LP if winner pulls an SSP from winning box