Celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary

Hello everyone!

Been sitting here for over an hour thinking about what to write for our 1st year anniversary post. Type, delete, type, delete. Then I thought why not look through photos from a year ago to get the feels on what we have done at Rapp Collect.

At the end of 2019, Rapp Collect started as an Instagram page showcasing cards Rapp started to collect. For most of 2020, he researched, drafted designs and sampled card cases that can fit a variety of card states and supplies -- top loaded cards, cards in magnetic holders, graded cards from the leading companies in the industry. He drafted designs based on his needs, which we eventually took a step further and began to share it with people in the hobby.

Our website launched at the end of the first week of March in 2021. At that time we decided to introduce the Rapp Collect case to the world through Twitch while we did some personal breaks for ourselves and others who are interested. It was exactly this time a year ago that we decided to commit and do a fixed schedule for live breaks.

There were a few things we wanted to do. We wanted to provide, to the best of our best ability good service, good price and a good range of products. Saying it’s been an easy year would be a lie, but what has made it worth our time is you. You, our Rapp Fam has been more than what we expected, and more supportive than we could have imagined. You, RC Fam, have given us an abundance of support and love, both on and off stream. You, RC Fam, are a huge driving force pushing us to continue seeking ways to make your service and product experience with us better and better. This 1st anniversary isn't just to celebrate us, but to also celebrate you and your support.

There’s not enough words to describe how humble and grateful we are (although you may get an earful from me on stream tomorrow).

On behalf of Rapp Collect I want to say, Thank You. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us since day one. Thank you to all of our moderators for your support in and out of stream. Thank you to our suppliers and to everyone who has dropped in, chatted and ripped with us. Last but not least, thank you to our family and friends for your understanding of the lack of communication and chill sesh (we can also blame covid for that).

We look forward to another year of breaks, chat and banter! See you all, on our next live stream.

~~ Nat ~~