About Us


Rapp Collect Ltd is a privately owned online store that provides products and services related to trading card games and sports cards collecting.

The RC Card Case collection is our flagship product. While we enjoy opening packs, trading cards and collecting, we found the need to have a more versatile case to give our collection a home.

Our pack breaking journey led us to designing and creating a product that is unique among its peers in the market. While it was designed with our needs as a collector in mind, the versatility the case compartments offer can only be matched by pick-and-pluck foams that require replacing should you need to create a new configuration.

Enjoy the ability to store what you need, when you need it, whether you're storing a collection at home, or travelling on the go.


As a co-founder, Rapp Michael is responsible for conceptualizing and developing the card cases the RC Card Case collection has on offer. 

He oversees the administrative, logistical and customer service needs of the business. He has many years of experience in the field of customer service, most recently as an associate researcher in the recruitment industry for financial markets.

As a hobbyist, Rapp is a big fan of anime and enjoys reading manga, light novels and web novels of Chinese, Korean and Japanese origin. 


As a co-founder, Natalie is responsible for the majority of Rapp Collect's social media campaigns and is a familiar face for our community of TCG breakers on www.twitch.tv/rappcollect.

She is naturally energetic and brimming with positivity, a trait that has made her early childhood teaching career a success. Natalie is experienced in business operations and excels in negotiations.