Bounty Claims - Rapp Collect
Bounty Claims - Rapp Collect

Bounty Claims


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Available since 15 February 2022
How to claim your bounty ◆ Cart this item
◆ Copy and paste the full URL of the card on yuyu-tei* on the "Notes" section on the shopping cart page e.g. sample page here
◆ Once the claim is verified, we will deposit the LP claim into your account
Rules on claiming ◆ Card must be from a Live Break with us
◆ Bounties must be claimed on the same day the card is pulled for sets that have already released
◆ For new sets, bounties must be claimed within 24 hours of the card list updating on Yuyu-tei
◆ For Build Divide and Detective Conan TCG, bounty reference can be taken from Dorasuta (Yuyu-tei not available)
Min Card Value ◆ 10,000 JPY on
◆ 10,000 JPY on

* Dorasuta bounties are only applicable to TCGs not available on Yuyu-Tei
Bounty conversion to Loyalty Points (LP) ◆ 3% of the card value listed (effective 1 June 2024)
Bonus ◆ No limit on bounty collection
◆ No price ceiling on card values
Restriction ◆ For English, Chinese and any non-Japanese versions of the card, the points awarded will be 75% of the Japanese value.


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