Grading Submission Form (updated December 2023)


1. We will only accept submissions (mailed or otherwise) from existing customers of Rapp Collect. 

2. For mail submissions outside of Hong Kong, we highly recommend using FedEx or DHL to mail your submissions in order for us to receive them in a timely and safer manner. We will also accept mail submissions through the local post. Rapp Collect holds no responsibility for lost or damaged mail during transit to us. We retain the right to refuse acceptance of any mail that looks damaged, or is not packed appropriately (e.g. we will not receive submissions in plain white envelopes or equivalent packing).

3. We will evaluate and prepare your cards for submission, which is scheduled to ship to PSA and BGS at the end of each month on the closest Monday, Hong Kong time.

4. If we find anything worth noting that could severely impact the grade of the card, we will notify you by email or through Discord (if known). Your confirmation will be required before we proceed to submit the card.

5. Hop on to our Discord server here.

Costs shared by users across submissions -

1. Shipping to PSA or BGS (same package)

2. Shipping from PSA or BGS (same submission tier return)

3. Insurance (min $14 / person for BGS, for PSA the lump sum charged is split across submissions in the same order)

4. Handling = $5 per order per grading tier/ company

These charges will be added to the grading charges billed by the grading company.