Reminder on our policy for undelivered and returned mail

Although there has only been a very small number of undelivered and returned packages, we felt we should post a reminder with regards to our policy in dealing with this situation.

Any and all packages that were not successfully delivered and returned / not picked up at the post office and returned, require us to settle a return fee upon collection. 

In this instance, regardless of the method of shipping used (free or paid Standard / Expedited / DHL), if the customer would like us to resend the package, they will be required to pay the costs for the following -

  • Fees paid by us to the postal service or DHL in order to claim and collect the package
  • Postage to resend the package
  • +10% handling fee

In order to avoid incurring these costs on undeliverable mail, customers are advised to fill in the correct shipping information on their account page or at checkout.

Thank you very much.