AS5B Double Burst Set B (CN)

AS5B Double Burst Set B (CN)

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Buy 30 packs, get a sealed booster box to break!

Release Date: Feb 2020

English Version: Team Up, Unbroken Bonds, Unified Minds


  • 30 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.
  • This set focuses on FIRE, PSYCHIC, FIGHTING, METAL, FAIRY, DRAGON types of Pokemon
  • Printed in Japan, this is a Hong Kong / Taiwan exclusive set.
  • AS5B card list

Notes: In an effort to catch up to the current Japanese sets, this Hong Kong / Taiwan set has a larger card set selected from numerous Japanese sets. Notably, the back of these cards feature the English / International version instead of the Japanese counterpart.

This pack is for Twitch breaks only. It will be opened live.

By purchasing packs on this site exclusive for Twitch breaks, you agree to have the packs opened live on