Carnival Packs - Rapp Collect
Carnival Packs - Rapp Collect

Carnival Packs


Product Description

Released 10 May 2024
Language Japanese

Designed for fans of trading card games, this pack is your ticket to a grand parade of surprises. Each pack is a treasure trove that may include:

Booster Boxes: Unwrap the excitement with a selection of booster boxes from a wide variety of TCG brands, each filled with potential rare finds.

Graded Slabs: Elevate your collection with professionally graded slabs, ensuring your haul includes only the finest quality cards.

And More: The fun doesn’t stop there! Don’t miss out on the chance to add some magic to your collection.

Limited to 594.

Return statistics
◆ Highest value return 350%+
◆ Average value return of 120%
◆ Lowest value return of 40%

Returns are based on market prices calculated in April 2024 and can be subjected to fluctuation.

◆ 65% booster box
◆ 16% trial deck + shop credit
◆ 11% PSA slab
◆ 3% BGS slab
◆ 3% Premium Card Collection Bundle
◆ 1% Rapp Collect Level 1 or Yokohama Commemorative Deck

All booster boxes and trial decks (with the exception of Union Arena) are derived from sealed cases to ensure fair hit chances.

Direct to ship

◆ You are welcome to purchase the Carnival Pack even if you have not joined our live stream.
◆ Upon purchase, a random draw will be made live on stream and a timestamp with a link to the VOD will be emailed to you as proof of order.
For direct to ship orders, all non-PSA and BGS slabs will ship in their factory sealed condition. We will not open them on stream.
◆ The predetermined weight of a Carnival Pack is set the same as a booster box, given the majority of the products are of this type.
◆ Shipping will be calculated based on this weight regardless of the item that has been won.


Please note that bounties cannot be claimed for this item.


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