Shipping Update


Effective 1 January 2022


    • DHL Express Worldwide
    • Standard (e-Express/Airmail) - unavailable as of 1 Jan 2022
    • Expedited (EMS) - unavailable as of 1 Jan 2022

    Standard and Expedited shipping are fulfilled by your local postal service - e.g. USPS if destination is in the U.S.


    The Hong Kong Post has issued a notice on Dec 31, 2021 regarding the temporary suspension of all air mail services due to the lack of and cancellation of flights to destination countries.

    At this time, DHL services remain unaffected and will continue to be available as a free shipping option.


     Applies To Method Min Delivery^ Min Total Spend** Conditions
    Personal pack breaks, PVP, slabs, single card purchases, select redemption items


    (DHL Express)

    2 $350

    Min spend refers to no bulk*

    Bulk may be included at an additional top up based on exceeded weight. Let us know and we will work with you on the best possible combination

    All Products Standard and Expedited via Post Office Currently unavailable from 1 Jan 2022. Please read our blog post for postal service announcement

    * bulk refers to common, uncommon and non holo rare types of cards

    ^ min delivery refers to the minimum number of days it will take to deliver the package using this assigned method

    ** total spend refers to the total value of orders currently stored with Rapp Collect that have yet to be shipped

    1. It is not necessary to meet free shipping requirements. This is entirely for your benefit and convenience. Paid shipping is available if you wish to ship earlier.
    2. Any product on the website that is not included in the table above requires a separate shipping fee.


    We are able to ship worldwide via DHL. Please refer to our free shipping tier.

    Regular postal services are currently suspended. Please read our blog post.


    From time to time, we may offer sealed product under the Twitch category. These products will require a separate shipping fee even if they are shipped with existing break orders.